I tried to place an order on your website, but it said the item was out of stock. However, when I checked Amazon, the same item was listed as in stock. What’s going on?

During checkout, Amazon presents you with two shipping options. The first is the merchant-fulfilled option. Selecting this option means that we, the merchant, receive, process, and ship your order from our Henderson, NV warehouse. The second option is called Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), meaning Amazon receives, processes, and ships your order from their warehouse.


If you order our products on Amazon and select FBA, that means that Amazon processes and fulfills it; we do not. The items Amazon has in stock in their warehouse may differ from those we have in stock in ours; this is why an item may be listed as in stock on Amazon and out of stock on our website.


We work quickly to restock products as soon as possible, but please note that our facility is separate from Amazon. If you have placed an FBA order, you must contact Amazon to resolve any product issues.

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